Is Chrompet in Chennai suburb next T Nagar?

By Nivedhika Krishnan Published on Jul 27, 2018 12:01 PM IST

Chennai: None of the longtime residents in Chrompet in the city suburb would have imagined that the area would be touted as the next T Nagar in the Southern suburb some three decades ago.

For, the locality was identified only as a result of its close proximity to the more popular Tambaram.

But over the years, Chrompet began getting a name for itself, as big retailers made their inroads here when Tambaram was running out of lands for commercial purposes.

“This place was underdeveloped then. But few popular names started purchasing lands and hiked the overall real estate value. This development has both pros and cons,” said Ramalingam, a resident of Radha Nagar.

“I have multiple options ranging from food to clothing to choose from. I never had this privilege while growing up in this town. It is both heartening and disappointing for me,” said a 55-year-old, Ramanujam of Hasthinapuram.

“Back then, only one bus operated from Chrompet to Broadway. Apparently, now a new bus stop has been erected near an establishment for the exclusive convenience of shoppers. The authorities, too, consider them paramount over residents,” he continued.

Another resident, Shamitha noted, “I remember taking a local electric train from Chrompet to reach T Nagar, A complete day will be written off as travelling took a toll on us. But now it is just a few meters away.”

“I still remember the days, when I would walk for two kilometres from the station to reach my home. It would be a walk along vacant lands, amidst playing children,” she reminsced.

“Chrompet now has swanky restaurants and branded shops. The urbanisation has however taken its toll on residents. For pedestrians, walking on RP Road is an achievement. Due to lack proper parking facilities, cars are parked on roads, thereby further narrowing them,” she added.