IIT-M welcomes UG students in unique style

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 25, 2018 01:31 PM IST

First year students and their parents at the orientation programme at IIT-Madras campus on Tuesday

Chennai: Indian Institute of Technology Madras welcomed the new batch of undergraduate students with a unique orientation programme for not just the students but also their parents on Tuesday.

The objective is to help both students as well as parents to adjust to the changes after entering the campus. The institute encourages students to develop their overall personality and skills, rather than just the academic knowledge, a press release said.

A total of 863 students have been admitted to IIT Madras this year in B Tech and B Tech-M Tech dual degrees programmes and 46 in five-year MA programme.

IIT-M Director Bhaskar Ramamurthi addressing the gathering.

The orientation programme included a presentation on the academic credit system and session on the mental health counselling among other things.

Addressing a joint session of new students and parents, IIT-M Director

Bhaskar Ramamurthi said, "As students, you will get lot of opportunities to learn from various walks of life, here at IIT Madras. As long as you can balance academics with co-curricular activities and manage your time, you will do well. There are many agencies and helping hands available at the institute. In case, you face any difficulty, just reach out to them."

Urging the parents to be supportive of their children, Ramamurthi said, "You must allow your wards to find what interests them and encourage them to immerse themselves in it. Give your children, freedom to discover themselves."

The students were also taken on a tour of various facilities such as central workshop, central library and computer science and various laboratories.

Highlighting the unique initiatives, IIT-M Dean (Students) M S Sivakumar, Dean (Students), IIT Madras, said the institute is working to build not only academic competency but skills in extracurricular activities as well.

The objective is to help students think unconventionally and become courageous and confident individuals who are not risk-averse.

These qualities are vital to take up entrepreneurships and become job generators instead of job seekers and develop a sense of social connect as well, he said.