I wanted to kill my father: Dashvanth

By NT Bureau Published on Dec 10, 2017 03:05 PM IST

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Chennai: "I killed my mother because she was angry with my behaviour. Had my father been at home at that moment, I would have murdered him too," said techie Dashvanth.

The software engineer wanted for the 2 December murder of his mother Sarala at their home in Kundrathur was brought to Chennai by a police team from Mumbai on Saturday.

Confessing to his crime, Dashvanth reportedly informed police officials that he was upset at his mother for constantly chiding him for molesting and murdering seven-year-old girl.

"I killed my mother because she was angry with me. Had my father been at home at that moment, I would have murdered him too," Dashvanth said.

He further informed them that he spend some time at home watching TV after killing his mother. He later fled with her jewels to Mumbai.

In February, Dashvanth was arrested for the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl but was later released on bail. The city police detained the accused under the Goondas Act. But a mahila court in Chengalpet granted bail for Dashvanth.

The 22-year-old often visited the Guindy race course and was fond of betting on horse races. On 2 December, he murdered his mother.

According to  police, a sharp object was used by Dashvanth to bludgeon Sarala. A necklace and some bangles were removed from the house. Dhasvanth too disappeared from the house following this.

His father, Shekhar alerted Sarala's sister who lives close-by when his wife failed to attend phone calls. When her sister arrived, she brought in help to break the lock and found Sarala's body on the floor.

Following a tip-off that Dushvanth was hiding in Mumbai, a special team of police went there and picked him up from Chembur. However he managed to give a slip to police and escaped. However within 24 hours, he was held.

Police officers in Mumbai said that on Friday, they received information about Dashvanth passing through Kala Ghoda towards Colaba, and diverted the nearest team to tail him.

He had shaved off his beard, but was recognised by a member of the Chennai police team who joined our personnel in the surveillance.