Highways dept removes slopes along pavements

By Karthikeyan Halan Published on Jun 14, 2018 09:49 AM IST

Chennai: The Highways Department laid granite footpath at First Avenue, Ashok Nagar, in the city with a slope for easy access for pedestrians.

But it has turned into a danger spot, where many have slipped while getting down the slope. Also, motorcyclists use the pavement to avoid heavy traffic on the road.

To prevent such happenings in future, Ashok Nagar-based social activist Kadayam Shardlow Ramasamy petitioned the Assistant Chief Engineer of Highways Department.

On 26 May, Assistant Divisional Engineer (construction and maintenance) Chandrasekar visited the spot along with officials.

“Ashok Nagar Traffic Inspector G Mahendran and I were present at the time and we explained to them the difficulties people face. The officials immediately instructed the workers to remove the slope and work is going on,” said Ramasamy.

“We also requested the Highways Department to lay the pavement uniformly till Lakshman Sruthi junction on both sides of the road. Previously, the contractors, while laying the pavement, left the space open in front of commercial shops, enabling customers to park their vehicles in front of the shops,” he said.

On motorcyclists using the pavement, traffic Inspector Mahendran said, “We have asked the Highways Department to fix concrete bollards at the start and end points of the pavements on both sides of the road. This will allow only pedestrians to use it,” he said. The Inspector said removing of the slope will be of great use.

“Many people, including a pregnant woman slipped while getting down the slope,” he said.