Hawkers gone, but illegal parking irks Chennaiites

By V Padmasini Published on Nov 09, 2017 01:01 PM IST

Chennai: At one time it was thought that the vegetable vendors stationed on the northern stretch of South Mada Street on the banks of the Kapaleeshwarar temple tank at Mylapore in the city was what made the road congested.

If they were relocated from here it was felt that the road would be free for vehicular and pedestrian movement. The vendors were moved to the banks of the Chitrakulam tank.

People expected traffic to flow smoothly and pedestrian movement to be free. But things have not turned out to be different from what they were a decade ago.

The space once occupied by the vendors has been turned to a parking lot and through the day four wheelers and two wheelers are parked on the stretch. Vendors selling their merchandise on carts usurp vacant spaces. A row of vendors occupy the opposite stretch of the road also.

Autos trying to solicit passengers move slowly down the road or park their vehicles on either side waiting for customers. With increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic by dusk the street turns to be one of the most congested streets in the area. Traffic jams and blaring horns are common here in the late evenings.

‘The relocation of the vegetable vendors has not made any difference for the space has not been left empty. It has turned to a parking lot. Some of the vehicles which stand here are huge and occupy a great portion of the road.

With vehicles continuously plying on the road we pedestrians have to brace ourselves against the parked vehicles when moving on this stretch which is proving to be difficult.

"At times when the parked vehicles move out to proceed on their way movement becomes more difficult. Infact it was better when the stretch was occupied by vendors for that meant only moving among pedestrian traffic and therefore easier movement’," said a resident of Chitrakulam West Street.

Vendors should be refrained from setting up their stalls on the southern stretch of the road. This will provide more space for movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic opined another.