GCC conservancy workers use WhatsApp groups for better results

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Jul 15, 2018 03:49 PM IST

Chennai: The Conservancy wing of Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), Ward 188 have formed WhatsApp groups, complete with authorities-in-charge and conservancy workers with an aim to make the locality cleaner.

Speaking to News Today, one of the authorities of Ward 188, seeking anonymity, said, "The GCC nowadays is not like before. Now we are connected with residents through the WhatsApp groups. So whenever a resident posts a message regarding garbage collection or seeking assistance of conservancy workers, we get to work at once."

He then briefed about how the WhatsApp groups work. The authority said, "The group remains active from 6 am to 6 pm. All the supervisors of door-door garbage collection teams post the before and after photographs of the area his/her team cleans. Upon inspecting the images, senior authorities will instruct the supervisors about further actions."

When asked to brief the process involved in waste disposal, the authority said it is a big process. "Over 137 conservancy workers with 45 tricycles and three lorries cover 395 streets, including 1,040 vacant plots in the neighbourhood," he said.

He said the workers also remove unauthorised posters and banners that are present in the neighbourhood. "We are also imposing fines to people who continue to dump garbage on vacant plots or on the road," he said.

The official said over 26 tonnes of garbage is disposed daily in Ward 188 and added that the Corporation has instructed gated communities to practice waste segregation before disposal. He said the GCC is building a waste separation centre near Ram Nagar for Ward 188 and that it will come into operation soon.