Former Playboy photographer is all set to launch his book

Chennai: A good photograph speaks a 1,000 words, said model photographer L Ramachandran ahead of the release of his book, 'Medley Of Art.'

Addressing mediapersons during the curtain-raiser of the book launch in Chennai Monday, he said, it will be a collection of artistic photographs that is a testimony of the immensity and intensity of art.

"It showcases the work of a visual artist who takes on multiple roles - of a designer, art director, photographer and many more. These constructed photographs are works of art that have been conceptualised and put together by me with great planning and thought, each conveying a different story using elaborate props, expressive make-up, styling, light play, etc."

The exhibition hopes to journey through these various concepts that the artist holds close to his heart. Some of his series include ‘'Melodrama Of Melting Mesmerism'’ which uses candles and flowers as props for the model, evoking a sense of intrigue to all those who view it; ‘'Alive Art’,' a suite of works that has a tactile quality, to it breaking the two-dimensionality of a photograph, that is enhanced by the extensive set design; '‘Choreographing the Chiaroscuro’', a series of black-and-white photographs that exudes an aura of enigma using the female form.

Playboy photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi and international supermodels Mary Alejo, Noemi Kappel and Ena Friedrich at the informal launch of L Ramachandran's Medley of Art in Chennai on Monday.

Speaking about being a Playboy photographer in the past, Ramachandran said, "Nude art has been celebrated in ancient India and, unfortunately, in the present-day it as become taboo. I try to break this stigma around nude art by subtly featuring his nude and semi-nude photographs using different mediums of expression such as clay, body paint and flowers."

His works showcase the female form in the purest sense. Nudity and nakedness are part of the visual art, bringing out humanity with clarity, simplicity, strength and beauty, he said.

An informal launch of the book was done by Playboy photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi and supermodels Mary Alejo, Noemi Kappel and Ena Friedrich.

However, the exhibition and the original book launch are happening 7 September, which will also be an occasion to display his recent series featuring transgender models, bringing in a sensitive awareness of the social reality of the community.

Through this series, the artist states that art isn’t reserved for the elite but rather should be inclusive, spreading messages of love and harmony.


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