Fair price shop in Chennai area needs retoration

By Mercy Angeline C Published on Feb 19, 2018 04:59 PM IST

Chennai: While other ration shops in Adyar in the city have customers walking away with shopping bags, the one at Swamynatha Nagar in the locality has its visitors walk away in pain.

So says Muthu C T,  a resident of Coronet Nagar in Kottivakkam, who wrote to News Today, bringing to light the trouble people endure during a visit to the fair price outlet here.

To start with, an open drain runs in front of the shop, while two improper ramps leading to the counter and the raised entrance do not allow people to exit the place safely.

‘Instead of steps, they built these ramps- which is the main problem here. These were constructed after the rains just six months ago. The authorities feared that the place will be inundated spoiling the ration stock’, said Muthu.

Even though the concern is genuine, the officials missed the larger picture.

As people stand in the queue, they have to bend to avoid hitting the low ceiling. The elderly keep getting hurt time-and-again. Recently, a person suffered severe pain due to this’, he stated.

The raised entrance too makes it difficult for customers to exit the shop easily.

‘Carrying bags in their hands, it is cumbersome to cross this place, more so for senior citizens’, he noted.

"The drain which runs in front of the shop is yet another eyesore. ‘As a result, the area stinks’," he added.

Another resident, Manohar, too voiced his opinion on the same and said, "‘Open drains are a serious problem. Mosquito breeding takes place here’."