Expert reveals simple mantra to get jobs

By Mohammed Rayaan Published on Aug 04, 2018 01:28 PM IST

Chennai: Unemployment is an issue many graduates in India face. One of the many reasons that they don't get hired, according to experts, is that they don't have the traits / skills required for the job they apply.

Speaking to News Today, Mohanasundararajan, an expert placement trainer, mentor and NLP Master Practitioner, who has over a decade of experience, reveals simple methods on how students can find internships, enhance their hiring ratio and be job-ready by the time they leave college.

Excerpts from the interview:


Q: How can students find internships and other activities to present a good resume?

A: Finding the best institution to join the course is fundamental. The institution guides the students for internships. A good reference also plays a vital role here. Internship is the first step. Hands-on experience matters as it helps to create an edge over others during placement.

This opportunity serves as a gateway to one's career in order to prove one's mettle as the management gets to know the intern and the intern gets to know what the working environment is all about. In addition, companies may offer stipend or employment thereafter.

Students should attend many seminars, symposiums, workshops and earn certificates which will add value to the resume.

Q: Suggest ways that can help students secure jobs and at the same time be job-ready.

Job portals and professional networking sites help. Candidates can register in those based on the job and location, according to their preferences. Taking special training seriously and honing skills while in the institution is essential. Ability, attitude and adaptability play a vital role in a fresher's career. Giving a powerful self-introduction is the key for consideration by the employer. So, it is better to prepare it with the help of an expert.

Q: Apart from academic excellence, what other skills should students possess to stand out from the crowd?

Apart from generally acquired skills and knowledge, willingness to learn is needed. Creativity, flexibility, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills are the key. While experimenting from self-interested projects, taking ownership to research and keeping oneself abreast in the market adds more value.

Mohanasundararajan trains college students at several institutes across the State. He can be reached at 98949-89414.