Encroachers swallow up Mylapore pavement

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Oct 25, 2017 03:02 PM IST

Chennai: It is high time the city Corporation revisited its strategies to handle nuisance-creating factors like parking on pedestrian pavements in residential areas.

In a recent notice raised by Chella, a resident of Mylapore, it was found that a 750-metre-long pavement laid along Sundareswarar Street has been encroached and misused by miscreants for parking, littering, urinating and open defecation.

Sundareswarar Street in Mylapore has space for dumps and parked vehicles but not an inch for pedestrians. Vehicles are parked on both sides of the road and residents say neither police nor the Greater Chennai Corporation has tried to remove them.

"The Corporation authorities are yet to act on the squatters who have now come on to the road. It is not allowed as the road is not wide enough to allow parked vehicles," said Chella, who is one of the executive body members of RR Sabha that is part of the road.

"We  have two issues that are spoiling normalcy. First the parked vehicles that are mostly owned by travel agencies and some residents of the locality. The second one is that the drivers of these vehicles are using the place for urinating and open defecation, creating nuisance," he added.

Further, the Corporation authorities have kept a dustbin on the road to easily remove trash; but this causes accidents and slows down traffic.

Residents and commuters say the Corporation must remove the encroachments and the traffic police should ensure vehicles are not parked on the road and pedestrian path.

"I take my children to school every day and it is a nightmare to cross this stretch as there is no space to walk. We have to dodge speeding vehicles which come to the edge of the road," said a resident.

Earlier, the vehicles were parked along the pavement stretch adjacent to RR Sabha; but now, the sabha management has fenced the place, preventing vehicles from getting on to the pavement. "Now, only pedestrians can use the pavement," Chella pointed out.

However, following the action of the sabha management, the vehicles are being parked on the other side of the road which is adjacent to the premises of a girls school.

Leela Narendran, secretary of Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls Higher Secondary School, said, "It has turned out to be big problem for us now. Despite repeated reminders to the city Corporation, no action has been taken against these people who parking vehicles on the footpath. There is no place for the public to walk and this has led to an increase in accidents of pedestrians being knocked down by vehicles."

The school management also worries about hygiene. "In the wake of dengue outbreak, the lack of sanitation near the school campus is highly hazardous for our students," said a concerned Leela.