Duo in Chennai area help kittens find home

By Santhosh Mathevan Published on Nov 10, 2017 06:19 PM IST

Chennai: Cats are unique creatures. And their peculiar behaviour prove it. "Who else is likely to serenade you passionately at 3 am? But their kitty quirks are part of the reason that we love them," was the unanimous answer from Vignesh (24) and Sibi (25) from Sector 15, Ottagapalayam, Vadapalani in the city who are known in their locality as cat-lovers.

Passionate towards adopting stray cats, Vignesh and Sibi, who are working with an MNC in the city, are part time cat-raisers. They have so far brought up about 60 cats found roaming in the streets of Vadapalani.

"It all started when a mother cat left its five kittens underneath the loft of our house in 2014," says Vignesh. The duo then started raising the five kittens as the mother never returned.

"We bought various kinds of pet caring products to feed and groom them for about three months,' he added. Later we left the adults to live their life. Even now one of them visits us every now and then," Sibi said.

Following this, the duo started to expand their plan. "When we found a joy in this, we immediately made it our habit. We started to adopt a lot of stray kitten found in the area and have been raising them."

"There are a few things you need to consider before adopting a cat," they said said while explaining the nitty-gritty of it all.

"Firstly, we ask the interested ones to make sure that their life style is favorable to having a cat. People mistake that a cat is completely independent, cats will need attention (like feeding, cleaning and play time). So, be sure that you will have time to dedicate to your new feline friend," Sibi said and added that their bachelor life is the greatest advantage for them to raise so many cats at the same time.

"Additionally, if you have kids, we recommend that you identify a breed that is good with younger children prior adopting a cat. Again, it is important to know the cat's breed, peculiarities and personality before adopting," said Sibi.

Vignesh listed out several ways to adopt a cat. "You can go to local shelters, classifieds, online postings, rescue organizations and local pet stores. Other adoptions are quite unique, like how we adopted our first pride of kittens. It was love at first sight," he said.

Although they recommend that one learns more about cats and their peculiarities prior to adoption, they also say things sometimes just happens. "When you go to any adoption centre or you find any stray cats, be sure to have your eyes and heart open and love will come your way," Sibi said.

"There are very some norms like vaccinating, de-worming and testing for feline leukemia before we put up cats for adoption," said Vignesh and added that sometimes we also spay/neuter the cats before adoption as well.

"'There are rescue groups that offer low-cost spay/neuter and veterinary services to low-income residents, so be sure to check all your options." Vignesh alerted.

Finally they gave a quick tip: "Remember, a cat who is social and relaxed at a shelter usually has the composure to meet the stresses that life throws up. A cat in your life can add warmth, humour and peace of mind. A cat can teach your child empathy for others while keeping her secrets. If you are willing to make the commitment, a cat is waiting to enhance your life in ways you least expect," they concluded.

The duo can be reached at 9042120201.