Desi girl in Chennai makes waves in dance world

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Oct 05, 2017 01:02 PM IST

Chennai: Monicka Selvaraj's mantra in life is ABCD (Anybody can dance). This 20-year-old resident of Velacheri in the city learnt dance by simply browsing YouTube videos.

Speaking to News Today, Monicka says, "My parents are strictly against dancing and this is the part I really hated. From their point of view, a girl should not be dancing in stage exposing herself, but I cannot shut my dreams for them or for any other person who says what a girl should do."

Asked how she got the idea of learning the moves online she says, "In my school days, I won many competitions, but my parents stopped me from dancing. I used to watch videos of popular dancers. Then the idea struck me about learning dance through YouTube."

Having learnt the dance in an informal way she says, "I love western and folk music. I have never been to a formal class before. All that I know is what I learnt online."

Slowly she started choreographing for Plus Two students. She has been doing it for almost three years and has about 15 students learning from her. She also teaches those who have interest.

"If I had the little extra support from my parents, I feel I would have achieved even more," says this college student, who has won several competitions.

"But I am not complaining. Most parents do have this tight grip over girls. I am sure this situation will eventually change."

"I have won several prizes in my college and inter-college competitions. I feel if someone is passionate about their dream and ambition, success will follow," she concludes.

Monicka Selvaraj can be reached at  9080409932.