Damaged manholes at Chennai area worry commuters

By R Naresh Raj Published on Jan 13, 2018 03:27 PM IST

Chennai: A pending problem for over six months, the manholes at Othavadai Street in the locality need repair, as the damaged lids cause serious concerns.

Being one of the important stretches of Kodambakkam, locals rue that the condition of the road is unsafe for travel.

Apart from that, parents are worried about the dangers that children may face while playing on the road.

"One of the manholes present at the beginning of the stretch is extremely risky. The opening is damaged and there are occasions when a ball gets stuck and youngsters get hurt when they try to retrieve it. We have complained to those concerned many times, but no action has been taken,’" says Vasundhara, a resident.

‘"The situation is worse during nights, as visibility is low. There have been instances of motorists skidding and hurting themselves’," she adds.

Apart from this, another problem faced by the residents here is the erratic dumping of waste.

‘"People dispose their garbage with least worry about the consequences. This stretch has become a dump-yard of sorts and is difficult to walk by. The officials should take immediate action to make things better in the locality,"’ states

Srinivasan, a resident.