Cricket prodigy Sanush is junior MSD

By A Harsha Vardhan Published on Jun 27, 2018 11:39 AM IST

Chennai: Most babies start walking before they turn one. Cricket prodigy Sanush Suryadev was a little different.

By age one, he had already picked up a cricket bat and started hitting sixes.

Today, when he is just two years and 11 months old, the little boy plays textbook cricketing shots with perfect poise.

To truly understand what he is capable of, one just has to visit YouTube and type Junior MSD, a nickname he has earned for his love for the CSK captain with whom he shares his birthday!

Impressed by his talent, his hero, M S Dhoni made it a point to meet the kid. His talent also earned him accolades from the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records that have crowned him as ‘the youngest child cricketer’ and the youngest professional cricketer.

Explaining how the meeting with Dhoni materialised, Sanush'’s father Murugan Raj says that all credit should go to Saravanan, the yellow paint sporting CSK fan who can be spotted at all the Chennai team matches.

Saravanan visited Sanush’s house after seeing videos of the not-even-bat-high kid playing orthodox cricketing shots on YouTube.

Saravanan filmed Sanush and uploaded a few videos on social media that went viral.

This came under the gaze of the CSK management which alerted Dhoni.

“Dhoni was impressed with how Sanush played and wanted to meet him. Both bonded very well and shared a kiss too,” Murugan Raj said pointing at a picture of the two cricketers that proudly sits framed on a wall inside their house.

Murugan Raj, who is a TNCA third division player, said he spotted Sanush’s talent when he was just a year old.

The proud father said, “We saw that he had a special talent and made him a customised bat and ball. He has put these to real good use.”

Sanush’s mother Subathra, a child psychologist, says that her son’s knowledge goes beyond cricket. Even at this young age, Sanush is updated with current affairs.

When we asked him about the Sterlite issue, he was able to talk about the shootings and why it happened. Subathra says that children learn more and better when they absorb things through exposure and experience.

It is evident that Sanush is a special kid even in the way he talks to and approaches strangers. He is at ease with the video cameras and the people from the media who visit his house almost on a weekly basis after his popularity skyrocketed since the meeting with Dhoni.

He already has ad-film offers knocking at his door and a step-up to the big screen is just a matter of time. But cricket comes first, his father says.

You can reach Sanush's father at 98849 02144.