Cow menace in Chennai give trouble to commuters

By Bhavani Prabhakar Published on Aug 09, 2018 11:13 AM IST

Chennai: The next time you are at the Water Canal Road in Korattur, in the city, don’t forget to blow the horn so that the stray cows and buffaloes go aside.

Very recently, Shiva, a resident of Water Canal Road met with a serious injury because of stray cattle.

He talks to ‘News Today’ narrating the accident that he met with.

“It seemed like a just another day for me. I left to my workplace at about 2 pm. There was a stray native cow that was blocking my way. I kept horning at it but it not budge,” said Shiva.

In an attempt to save the cow, Shiva took a side where the road was dug up and suffered with injuries. The ongoing work has narrowed the road and it is in this stretch did the cow change the direction. The loose soil skidded the car and Shiva landed in the trench.

However, the menace doesn'’t stop just here. Shiva continued,“While this is the case in the morning, when it gets pitch dark in the evening, it is very difficult to drive as the buffaloes would be sitting on the middle of the road. With the street lamps being dim, spotting the cattle is close to impossible.”

The decision not to rear cattle animals in the city was adopted in November 2017 and is being implemented since January 2018.

Failing to comply with, the herder will be slashed with Rs 10,000 and an additional Rs 750 for maintenance. It has been eight months since the ban was invoked, yet the cattle animals are set to roam free.

When ‘News Today’ reached out to the local cow herders, they denied to claim the ownership. When the Superintending Officer of Zone 7 was approached for a comment, the line did not get through.