Corporate advisor's book explains technical terms in plain words

By P T Usha Published on Jul 30, 2018 01:14 PM IST

Founder and chairman, Dr G S K Velu, Triviton Healthcare, Chief justices - C Saravanan and S Vaidyanathan, corporate advisor, S Dhanapal and former chairman of State tourism department during the book launch event in Chennai, recently

Chennai: Making people understand technical terms in simple language is a challenge. But not any more.

Corporate advisor and practising company secretary, S Dhanapal, released a book, "Ready Referencer on Private Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships" in Chennai, recently.

The book was jointly released by Madras High Court judges justices C Saravanan and S Vaidyanathan.

Former commissioner of Tamilnadu Tourism Department, C V Palani Kumar, Trivitron Healthcare founder-chairman, G S K Velu, participated.

News Today had a brief interaction with Dhanapal who spoke about the book and his future plans.

Here are the excerpts:

Q: What does the book talk about?

A: It gives a deep understanding about private companies and limited liability partnerships and their legal procedures.

Q: Who are your target audience?

A: All private companies and limited liability companies, advocates and chartered accountants and other company directors.

Q: How did you start your writing journey?

A: I have written over 400 articles in many journals for nearly seven years on corporate law subjects. So, I thought about bringing a compilation of those articles in book format. So, that's how it all started.

Q: How is the response so far?

A: I have received very good response, which drove me to write more and more. Right from the beginning, all my books have had good readership.

Q: What was challenging in writing?

A: The books I write do not involve story-telling. This involves explaining every technical term in simple language which was quite challenging for me.

Q: Your future plans.

A: I want to write more books in this field.