Corpn seals sweet shop at Kodambakkam

By Aaditya Anand M Published on Jul 18, 2018 12:26 PM IST

Chennai: Residents of Kodambakkam were taken by surprise at the unusual sight of Mannah Sweets on Station View Road being sealed by the Chennai Corporation Tuesday after a portion of the building was built without proper permission.

As per the Corporation notice, the building will remain sealed and closed until the deviated portion is properly constructed as per the government order.

"Door No. 6 A, Station View Road Kodambakkam Chennai in subject to reinforcement action as per section 56(2) and 56(2S) on the Tamilnadu Town and Country Planning Act 1971, Consequent to the notice issued on 06.07. 2018, this premises is locked and sealed and the same shall continue till the building is restored as per the planning permission / removal of the deviated portion, or till this order is revoked," said the Corporation notice.

According to a security guard deployed there, around 10 am on Tuesday more than 20 Corporation officials along with police came to the shop.

"After speaking with the owner for sometime, they asked everyone to go out stating that they want to close the shop," he said.

"All the sweets were taken out and shifted to our Arcot Road branch and by 11 am the building was completely sealed," he added.

Mannah Sweets is a popular snack destination which has been around for more than 30 years.

"Our Railway Border shop is our main branch, started more than 30 years ago and the one at Arcot Road was started 10 years back. Since it's beginning Mannah Sweets has been a local favourite. We have a lot of regular customers. What happened today was a sad thing and we hope it gets over soon, so that the shop reopens," said Ravi, an employee of the shop.

When this reporter visited the shop at Station View Road there were a lot of people who came and asked the security personnel about its sudden closure.

"This has been a favourite hangout spot for us after college: it offers snack, chats, sweets and cakes at an affordable rate. Hope it opens soon," said P Tarun, a college student, who left disappointed that the shop was shut.