Cops advise shopkeepers to instal CCTV

By V Padmasini Published on Jul 04, 2018 04:37 PM IST

Chennai: A team of Mylapore police law and order wing in the city led by Inspector Kannan campaigned recently in Mada Streets in the locality advising shopkeepers to install CCTV cameras for security purposes.

They also distributed pamphlets highlighting the advantages of camera installations and asked the shop owners to be watchful.

It said installation of CCTV prevented crime and helped in identifying the criminal. It helped to protect things. It also stated that it was important to have CCTV cameras installed at parking lots and on road to check speed of vehicles especially near educational institutions.

However there is a mixed reaction to this. While some feel that it will help police to track criminals and come to know about criminal offences easily others feel it is costly and in the long run maintenance will also be difficult.

“The government or police insisting on installing CCTV cameras by shops and residence are deplorable. It’s the individual shop or resident who has to decide on installing it. Who is going to pay for such cameras ? There is a government fund for constituency for each MLA and MP, they should pool such funds to share and spread the installation of the cameras.

"The Teynampet police has asked all residents of Sriram Colony off TTK Road to install. Without knowing the cost residents agreed and the quotations were over Rs.2.5 lakhs. Some residents who promised to provide Rs.25,000 did not even fund Rs 5,000. Moreover there was question of where to keep DVR and who has to access maintain them. These should be left to residents decision and not to be a forced issue,”says Mohandas.