Chennaiites want pond in park to be cleaned

By A Harsha Vardhan Published on Jun 27, 2018 11:45 AM IST

Chennai: Tower Park can be labelled as the pride of Anna Nagar in the city.

One of the main attractions of Tower Park is the pond located inside.

We can often spot families and young couples in love chilling by the waterside.

This water body has now partially dried up and hyacinths have invaded it completely. With summer almost over and the weathermen predicting an early monsoon this year, residents want the pond cleaned and kept ready for the rain.

Sarojini (72), a long-time resident of W Block, said, “The pond inside Tower Park is not just for aesthetics. It serves an important purpose of recharging groundwater reserves of the locality. If you take a survey around the locality, you will see that wells and bore-wells surrounding the park have water even in summer, compared to houses farther from the park.”

Amruta (22), another resident, said, “The authorities must take a cue from Chetpet eco-park and promote sport-fishing and boating. I heard that when the Tower Park was first built, they even allowed boating inside the pond.”

Explaining this, Amruta said, “As for fishing, the pond inside Tower Park is perfectly suited for it, as it is split into two parts. So, one part of the pond can be used for rearing fish hatchlings and the grown fishes can be introduced in the main pond for fishing.”

“Visitors can be charged a small fee for this and this can be used for the upkeep of the facility,” she suggested.

Residents are also unhappy that the famous Tower is still not opened to the public even after multiple requests from various resident associations. We can make the Tower Park a world-class facility with innovative ideas, they say.