Chennaiites save water by rainwater harvesting

By Karthikeyan Halan Published on Sep 08, 2017 06:38 PM IST

Chennai: They may be small in numbers. But their work speaks volumes and also sets an example for others in the locality of Ashok Nagar.

To increase the ground water level and not to let the stagnant water evaporate during rainy days, Vivekanandar Street House Owners Welfare Association, MGR Nagar constructed two rainwater harvesting (RWH) pits in their street recently.

"‘During every rain, our street is filled with water. So, our association members charted out a plan to make use of the water. We decided to construct two concrete RWH pits. Using a borewell machine, we dug up to 30 feet and fixed a five inch slatted pipe and covered the top with a concrete slab with small holes,’" said association secretary V Thiyagarajan.

Elaborating, on the RWH technique, he said, ‘"We have dumped coconut coir (Thangai mattai) around the pipe instead of stones. The coir decays and it is also easy to remove it while desilting the pit. But it is not so in the case of stones. Also, in a couple of years, the underground mud blocks the holes in the pipe, whereas the coconut coir absorbs them.’"

"We spent nearly Rs 16,000 for constructing the pits after getting permission from the civic body and two more will be constructed in the  coming days,"’ he added.

About the locality, Thiyagarajan said there are nearly 70 houses. To address the civic issues with the officials and to speed up the work, Vivekanandar Street House Owners Welfare Association was registered on 4 July 2014.

"‘We take up issues immediately with the various department officials and speed-breakers were laid in our street. The office-bearers elected during the formation of the association are still continuing as there is no opposition. We do not collect money for maintenance. When there is  work that has to be done, we collect money by among ourselves and spend. Later, we ask the residents to contribute but do not compel them,’"he said.

To know more about the RWH technique and procedures involved in it, contact Thiyagarajan at 98401 18680.

The team

A Shajahan - president

V Thiyagarajan - secretary

G Rajkumar - joint secretary

S Karthikeyan - treasurer

Executive committee members

S J Prabhu, V Chockalingam, A Sriram, K S S Kalyan Kumar, E Rajesh, S Nandakumar, R G Rajarajan, R Venkata Rama Raju, G V V Suresh, R Azhagiri, R Mohammed Azharuddin, V Shankar, V Punniya Selvarasu and Balakrishnan.