Chennaiite talks about passion for boxing

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Oct 15, 2017 10:03 AM IST

Chennai: Karan Kishore’s (21) love for boxing started when he was very young. Besides playing the game, he also motivates others to play it.

A resident of Velacheri, in the city, he has now become an inspiration for many in the area.

Speaking to News Today, he said, "‘My interest in the game started when I was very young. However I started playing it formally only when I was in Plus One. But I had to stop it as I had to concentrate on my Board exams."’

He added, "‘After two years of wait I started playing professionally. I began my training and went on to participate in matches.’"

He declares that his inspiration is the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. ‘He is one of my greatest idols. His hard work had brought him lots of fame and fortune. He has achieved so much in this sport and I have seen all his matches.’

Recalling his very first match, Karan said, ‘"My first game was conducted in Nehru stadium. I won it and many applauded me for my performance. That was my starting point and it paved way to many other matches."’

Speaking about his family, he elaborated, ‘"My parents were very supportive from the start. I come from a middle class family and even though my parents are not able to support me financially, they try to make ends meet. I am trying hard to make them proud.’"

"‘I have participated in many matches outside my college and won medals,’" he said with a smile. It did not stop there, he continued his training and then got selected in State level competition.

"‘Unfortunately, due to my carelessness, I lost the match. What I learnt from my mistake was that, one should never get one’s head out of the game. Now that I have learnt this, I will not make the same mistake again. I believe in myself and I have lot of faith. Sometimes people appreciate me, sometimes they criticise, but I don’t care. I will just keep doing my work for the love of this game,"’ he said.

His parents are quite proud of their son, they said, ‘"We have never worried about our son or his training. We somehow managed to get the money he requires to keep his practice going. We just want him to succeed in life."’

Aware of his hard work, many clubs have stepped in and offered to sponsor Karan to train.

"This is very encouraging, With this help, I can totally focus on my game. I will leave no stone unturned to make my parents and my country proud,’" he concluded.

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