Chennaiite pens travel guide on TN historic temples

Chennai: Author K Sai Kumar, a resident of Jai Nagar, Arumbakkam, in the city, writes spiritual travel guidebooks about temples across India and donates the proceeds from these books for the upkeep and maintenance of historical temples that lack money for conducting even day-to-day rituals.

Sai Kumar’s next book, ‘Thalaimuraigalai Kakkum Thamirabharani Thalangal’, released 8 September.

Talking about the book, Sai Kumar said,”It is a guidebook containing information on 300 temples in Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts. This book will be released in the backdrop of the Thamirabharani Pushkaram to be held between 12 and 23 October. The book also has ‘theertha, snana, parihara’ details of Siva and Vishnu followers,” he says.

Going into the details of what the book contains, Sai Kumar said,”This is a handy book containing details of Nava Tirupathi, Nava Kailasam, Pancha and Nava Guru Thalangal, Pancha Krosa, Pancha Peeta, Dasa Veeratta, Pancha Nataraja, Pancha Bhootha, Panchaasana, Navalinga, Nava Samuthira, Pancha Yagna and Pancha Linga Thalangal in Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi.”

The book is a complete package and will have phone numbers of the temples, sthala puranams, Swami and Ambal details, temple operation hours, parihara details of 149 theertha kattams of Thamirabharani along with exclusive maps of the location, he added.

So far, Sai Kumar has visited and documented information on nearly 4,000 temples in India in the last 10 years and has written 20 guide-books as of date.

His book, Padal Petra Thalangal (temples that find a mention in the songs of Nayanmars and Alwars) has sold 25,000 copies and it is currently in the 10th edition of its publication.

Explaining the motivation behind his passion, Sai Kumar talks about the three services to society that Kanchi Maha Periyavaa considered to be exemplary - helping the needy, taking care of dilapidated temples and performing final rites for orphans.

“This advice has been accepted in spirit in all my books. There are innumerable patrons for urban temples and places of worship that are famous. However, the number of patrons are very limited for temples in villages even though the historical significance is huge. That is why I work towards the development of these temples,” explains Sai Kumar.


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