Chennaiite blends humour, tech into creating memes

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Nov 01, 2017 04:15 PM IST

Chennai: Anyone can be a meme creator, if they have creativity,’ says John Samuel (21), a resident of Guindy in the city. He creates memes for his Facebook pages. His most popular handle is MCC Memes.

An editor with Books and Journals, a publishing house, John started his page two years back. He speaks to News Today about his journey.

Q: How did you become a meme creator?

A: It all started when I decided to tease my friends online. Many started liking my creations and motivated me to go public. That is when I started doing it on a large scale. This led to my own page.

Q: How do you think meme creators have evolved?

A: Memes are becoming a huge cultural phenomenon these days. It gives the creator the power to change people’s opinion. Memes are widely used to discuss all topics - from politics to cricket and even stand-up comedy. From doing simple memes to those involving creativity, it has now become demanding among the masses to see memes on every topic.

Q: Are meme creators limited to trolls?

A: Memes have become a huge part of everyone’s life. Creators have the power to influence people and their decisions. We not just focus on internet trolls, we also try and express the general opinion of the public.

Q: What are the important aspects in running a meme page?

A: Content and page name are the crucial factors. When you consistently deliver quality, people will begin to spread the word. In Facebook terms, sharing is sexy.

Q: How long does it take for a page to get popular?

A: It depends. If people start liking the category and content the page hosts, then it is an easy climb.

Q: How do you deal with rivals? Does cold war exist in the meme world?

A: No! We all use the same medium and appreciate each others content. At times we also take inspiration from each other. Our main motto is to be entertaining.

Q: Do you think one can make a career out of this?

A: I tried to do it as a job, but after a while I had to stop. I now do this part-time. I also stick to entertainment and share informative and meaningful memes on it.

Q: A word of advice for meme creators...

A: Memes influence people easily, so concentrate on social awareness so that it reaches out easily. If you’'re sharing something from other pages, please don’'t remove the watermark.

John Samuel can be contacted at 9940358045.