Chennai witnesses 15 cyber crimes a day: CoP

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 09, 2018 02:29 PM IST

Chennai: "As many as 15 cases pertaining to cyber crime is reported every single day in the city," said city Police Commissioner, A K Viswanathan.

He stated this during a one-day workshop at his office at Vepery here today.

The workshop, jointly conducted by the Greater Chennai Police and Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA), was aimed at creating awareness about the emergence of new age cyber crimes.

Referring to a recent case where a woman has defrauded of Rs 40 lakh on a matrimonial portal, the commissioner said, "The number of cases has significantly increased especially related to online banking, credit cards, job frauds, lottery and password thefts. The main reason for all these crimes is the victim's greed."

He also mentioned that solving a cyber crime is a tad tough owing to worldwide links.

He said the workshop was aimed at empowering police personnel and the general public. "Practising prevention is the best option when it comes to cyber crimes. Increased awareness among the public will make even our job easier," he added.

During the workshop, Viswanathan released posters, booklets and pamphlets as part of an outreach programme.

Prof Kamakodi of IIT-Madras said, "The posters are designed in such a way that the layman can comprehend the information easily. We have to exercise caution on a daily basis even while answering phone calls or reading text messages. It is possible to reduce 90 to 95 per cent of cases by empowering the public. I wish that we transform into a State where cyber attacks become nearly impossible."

A dedicated website which provides information about security awareness was also released. A toll-free number has been set up for the public to get information on any security issue.

Other topics ranging from online threats, secure use of debit and credit cards, phishing attacks and safety, mobile, WiFi, and browser security were discussed during the meet.

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