Chennai train mishap: Rescuers tried their best to save injured

By Balasubramani Muniyandi Published on Jul 24, 2018 02:18 PM IST

Chennai: "A life could have been saved if there had been proper first-aid kits in the station. An injured passenger lost his life as soon as we shifted him to the ambulance," said Sathish, a commuter who was involved in rescue activities after five people died when they hit a wall and fell at St Thomas Mount railway station today.

With blood stains of the victims all over him, a sobbing Sathish said, "We did not wait for the officials to arrive and tried our best to rescue the people who were injured. Once we saw the officials, we thought help has arrived. However, the officers who came were helpless as there was no medical facility in the station."

"Even basic first-aid kit was not available, which is pathetic," he said.

Even after the arrival of the ambulance, there were only three stretchers to shift close to 12 people, he added.

"We hope that the severely injured reached the hospital during the golden hour and that their lives are saved. I heard that two people died in the same station yesterday. At least after that first-aid kits could have been kept in the station," said Rafique, another rescuer.

Speaking to 'News Today', a senior RPF official said there was not enough first-aid kits available to treat a major accident like this one.

"It cannot be said we do not have the facility, but we have minimum safety kits and we did not except something like this to happen. RPF officials rushed in from all stations once we received the call about the mishap," he said.

Need for foot-overbridge at Guindy
In the wake of today's mishap at St Thomas Mount, commuters demanded that the officials find a solution to overcrowding of the foot-overbridge at Guindy railway station during peak hours.

"A new foot-overbridge should be constructed at the station before any mishap takes places," said Kumar, a commuter.