Chennai to witness longer lunar eclipse on 27 July

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 26, 2018 02:54 PM IST

Chennai: All arrangements have been made in the city to witness the longer lunar eclipse of this century on the night of 27 July. This phenomenon will take place alongside the blood moon, as well as the Mars opposition.

The total lunar eclipse will last nearly 103 minutes, which makes it the century’s longest.

The first part of the lunar eclipse will see the Moon fall under the Earth’s shadow.

This part of the eclipse is known as the penumbral eclipse, as the Moon is under partial influence of the shadow cast by the Earth called Umbra. Scientists predict that this event could begin from 11.44 pm IST on 27 July.

As this happens, some part of the Moon will not be visible to stargazers, resulting in a partial lunar eclipse. The first phase of this partial lunar eclipse is expected to set in from 11.54 pm.

This eclipse is represented as phase one of the partial eclipse, since a second partial eclipse will be witnessed after the total lunar eclipse ends.

The most-awaited phase of the eclipse, the total lunar eclipse, is estimated to set in from 1 am IST on 28 July. The Moon will get to the height of the eclipse at around 1.51 am, at which point it would have reached the centre of the Umbra.