Chennai techie cycles all the way to Delhi

By Mohammed Rayaan Published on Jul 24, 2018 01:19 PM IST

Chennai: Sathish Kumar's cycling journey last month from Chennai to Delhi is an example of what the human body can achieve when pushed beyond its limit.

A resident of Ramapuram, Sathish quit his job to go on an unforgettable journey.

A software engineering graduate, Sathish comes from a humble family. His parents run a laundry shop together. Yet they made sure that he got educated at a good college in the city.

Soon after his college, he secured a job at Hyderabad. Here he met many exciting people who worked along with him.

“They were very experienced people,” said Sathish. “They had travelled to a lot of places in India and around the globe. From them I caught the travel bug,”he said.

Soon, Sathish got interested in travel to experience the culture of different parts of the world. His colleagues often spoke about the places they had visited and also consistently encouraged him to travel. This motivated him to embark on his very first travel abroad.

“I randomly chose Hong Kong and visited it in 2015,” smiles Sathish. “Everyone was surprised that I had travelled to such a faraway city alone as they saw me as a shy person.”

His passion for travel grew and he had an unquenchable thirst to see a lot more places. After returning, he travelled to Leh and Ladakh in 2017. But, unfortunately, his 15-day trip was cut short within a week as he faced altitude sickness.

“I returned home and many people who met me discouraged me from continuing my travel,” said Sathish. He felt disheartened.

Then one day, Sathish decided to take his cycle and travel all the way to Delhi. His parents were sceptical but they eventually agreed as they knew about his passion for travelling. He also quit his job as he couldn't get a month-long off.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it,” said Sathish.

He packed the basic essentials and loaded his phone with motivational videos to keep his mind hydrated with positivity. He began his trip on 26 May.

“I had my meals at hotels along the highway and filled my water bottles anywhere I could,” he says. “Many people I met, always encouraged me that I could make it to Delhi. Some suggested me places where I could stay for free,” he recounted.

Sathish cycled for 10 to 12 hours a day. In spite of the harsh heat, he pedalled towards his destination. “I was also a part of a WhatsApp group who were all travellers,” he says. “They told me about the best routes to take for my travel.”

He credits his family and three of his travel friends, Mohan, Aditya and Lalitha Lakshmi, for helping him reach his destination. “They gave me suggestions every day during my journey,” recalled Sathish.

Finally, on 21 June, Sathish reached Delhi and he couldn't hide his delight. He returned home and had a hero’s welcome.

Those who doubted his ability to travel soon started asking for his advice. Sathish now plans to get into the travel industry. He also dreams of cycling to Europe one day.

“I tell everyone that if I can do it, then you can also do it. It is that simple,” he grins.