Chennai suburban resident puts old scraps to good use

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Aug 04, 2018 04:31 PM IST

Chennai: If you have old books, magazines, newspapers or even cloth bags at your home, don’t scrap them.

Rather, put them into the boxes installed at Baalyaa Garden-Thilakar Avenue Residents Welfare Association office at Madipakkam in the city suburb.

Inorder to facilitate the practice of reading among residents of the area, the RWA members have done so. The idea is that a person who wishes to read books but doesn’t necessarily want to buy them will greatly benefit from this method, they said. The boxes were kept two years ago.

Speaking to ‘News Today’, president of the association, Sri Kumar, said, “Two years ago, when we installed these boxes, we received old magazines, newspapers, story books in large amounts. As the books kept piling, we retained recent editions and gave the rest to a charity home located near Sadhasivam Nagar.”

Residents have the habit of borrowing the books and returning them when their business is done, Sri Kumar said. “Although they do put it in a different box from where they took it from. That needs regularising,” he said.

In recent times residents have started using the box as a library without any ledgers, Sri Kumar said and added, “We are planning to construct a rack nearby boxes soon. Residents can place things that they do not need or do not have any use for there. It can turn out to be useful for someone,” he said.

“I am happy to see residents acting with responsibility. Also, I am privileged to say that some of our residents have started using cloth bags, rather than plastic bags,” he ended.