Chennai suburban resident helps clean up lake

By S Vishnu Sharmaa Published on Jul 28, 2018 01:43 PM IST

Chennai: “Stand united, we will gain,” is the mantra of P Viswanathan, convenor, Chitlapakkam Residents Associations Coordination Committee.

He was sharing his ideas with News Today on how important it is to stand united when it comes to working for the betterment of one’s own locality.

Viswanathan involves himself in all activities taken up by the committee and the started the Facebook page ‘How Flood Water Entered Chitlapakkam’ in 2015 and roped all sections of people.

The FB page was started to share the experiences of the residents of Chitlapakkam during the 2015 floods. They posted photographs of their flooded streets explaining the woes they faced during the inundation.

Today, the FB page has more than 100 photographs. Last year (June), we conducted a post card campaign.

Residents sent post cards and inland letters to authorities, highlighting six major issues troubling the southern suburbs, including creation of new municipal corporation, restoring Chitlapakkam and Sembakkam lakes, providing underground drainage in Chitlapakkam and preventing Selaiyur water from flooding Chitlapakkam residential areas, he said, and added that they worked unitedly.

On the formation of the Chitlapakkam Residents Associations Coordination Committee, he said there were plans to turn lakes into housing areas during the 1990s and they joined together to protest against it.

A committee was formed to bring all the resident welfare associations on the same platform in 1994 to fight for that. “The idea was to preserve the waterbodies so that groundwater remains in tact; and we have succeeded in it,” says Viswanathan.

“Today, we have 17 associations in the committee. Creating a new municipal corporation in Chennai that will include even the suburban areas, and constructing a post office at Chitlapakkam are the issues we are focusing on now,” he says.

“If a new municipal corporation comes, we will get all amenities like what people get in Chennai. The post office is functioning from a rented building and is not in good condition. We want the authorities to construct a new one,” Viswanathan says. Viswanathan can be reached at 90030 97740.