Chennai suburban area is special for hot beverages

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Jul 21, 2018 12:48 PM IST

Chennai: Can you believe this? Sadasivam Nagar, one of the busy lanes in Madipakkam in the city suburb, is famous for the tea shops present there. One might ask, how come tea shops make the area famous?

To find the answer, News Today stepped into the tea shops at Sadasivam Nagar. Like Mylapore and Kumbakonam, Sadasivam Nagar steals many hearts with aromatic fresh tea.

A resident and foodie, Ramesh was the first to answer what’s special at the shops. “There are more than four tea shops in this lane. All of them are famous for their mouth-watering delicacies like samosas, which are offered in different sizes, hot bajjis served with spicy red hot chutney and onion bondas, apart from other items, at affordable rates. I’m a fan of the hot bajji and spicy keera vaadai here. It urges a person like me to spend our leisure time, sometimes even working hours here,” he said, while filtering oil from bajji.

When asked the same question to a senior citizen Somanathan, who was too busy in transferring hot tea between two glasses, akin to a tea master.

He said, “This is my hangover spot. My friends and I come here for a break, after a stroll every evening. I love the chaaya served here, more than the crsipy biscuits. Whenever, I come here, my choice is the first-class chaaya. All tea shops in the lane are chaaya experts.”

Meanwhile his friend, Rangarajan joined the conversation while sipping his filter coffee. He said, “My favourite is chicory-less filter coffee, which I can tell you is best here. Most shops in the lane serve similar quality beverages. Also, I love the atmosphere here. Unlike a coffee shop that posts a silent restaurant look, tea kadai’s playing maestro Ilayaraja’s songs remind us of our golden childhood days.”

Finally, we moved to one of the tea experts, the tea master himself, and asked him the same question.

The master, in limited words, said, “It might be due to the extra sugar and chaaya water poured in perfect portions with milk.”