Chennai Silks reconstruction work put on hold

By Bhavani Prabhakar Published on Jul 25, 2018 12:30 PM IST

Chennai: On Tuesday, the Madras High Court passed an interim injunction against further construction of the Chennai Silks building in T Nagar.

The move comes a year after the city witnessed the massive building going up in flames and reducing to ashes. The showroom caught fire that raged for around 11 hours.

Fire and rescue servicees personnel, who fought the flames, had to spray water from the centre of T Nagar as they were unable to enter the building owing to the huge cloud of flames.

The Chennai Silks started to raise the building recently at the same spot. Nearly 40 per cent of the construction work was completed in 20 days after acquiring permission from CMDA. A plea against it was filed at Madras High Court by Kannan Balachandran, a resident of T Nagar.

The High Court bench, comprising Justice N Kirubakaran and Justice Krishnan Ramasamy, granted an injunction and asked the multi-storeyed building committee to appear before it 3 August and explain under what basis the permission was granted for reconstruction.

The petitioner told News Today,“The textile giant owns three properties in T Nagar. Out of these, two are located in residential area. Combining the FSAs of the three spots, the CMDA had declared it to be a commercial area which is legally incorrect.”

In addition, the width of the road in which the building is located is suspected to be less than the average width required for a fire tender to enter in case of a mishap.

“It is a gross violation of the National Building Code and poses fire safety concerns to the residents living close by,” added Kannan.