Pudhu 'Maplai': Restaurant opens new branch in Kilpauk

By A Harsha Vardhan Published on Jul 19, 2018 01:40 PM IST

I am sure that eight out of 10 true blue South Indian non-vegetarians will say that nothing can beat the traditional kari virundhu from this part of the country.

Meat and seafood prepared with traditional spices at Maplai restaurant is a real treat and it has been garnering good word-of-mouth recommendations for their simple but sumptuous food.

News Today paid a visit to Maplai's newly opened branch at Rajarathinam Street, Kilpauk, to check it out.

We started off on a right note with a simple nandu rasam served with lot of pepper. The cold rainy night outside the restaurant paired with the hot and spicy nandu rasam on our table, was a match made in heaven.

To keep diners occupied till the starters and main dish arrived, we also received complimentary vadams with a unique avakkai mayo.

Coming to the starters, we loved the mutton chukka. The meat was well marinated and cooked dry in Chettinad style with ginger garlic paste, onions, green chillies and curry leaves.

The Karuvepilai Melagu Kozhi and Chintamani chicken were also good. The prawn tava fry, however, got mixed reactions and I felt the flavours to be uneven. This might be because the masala was not mixed properly before the prawn was fried.

For a restaurant specialising in non-vegetarian cuisine, the vegetarian dishes did not disappoint. The hand-rolled perfectly flavoured Vazhpoo Kola Urundai, held together by banana fibres strings was the pick among the starters for us. To not disappoint the non-vegetarians, they also serve mutton kola urundai.

For the main course, we ordered veechu barotta, coin parotta, idiyappam and egg dosa first (which we have nothing to complain about).

These were served with Naatu Kozhi Kuzhambu and Nenju Elumbu Masala. The meat from the Nenju Elumbu Masala peeled off the bones at the slightest pressure and the masala was prepared really good. Meat dishes and mutton especially is the speciality of this restaurant according to us. The Naatu Kozhi Kuzhambu too was well flavoured and the masala had penetrated till the middle.

The secret to this was revealed to us by the staff. They say that the restaurant grinds its own spices and prepares its own masalas which enhances the flavours.

The best dish is their famous - The Madurai Mutton Biriyani, cooked 'dum' style with seeraga samba rice.

Having tried almost all the famous biriyani serving restaurants that use the seeraga samba variety, we can now say with confidence that Maplai is amongst the best places to have biriyani in town today. The meat was tender and the rice had absorbed the flavours wonderfully.

To finish things off on a sweet note, we ordered the butter on wheat, which is nothing but wheat halwa served with butterscotch ice cream. The staff said that it was introduced in the restaurant after one of their regular customers recommended the dish.

To sum up the dinner we had in a single sentence, we can say that the Maplai restaurant, true to its name, offers a wonderful spread of south Indian virundhu worthy to be served to a 'pudhu maaplai'. A typical meal for two at the restaurant would cost Rs 1,100.