Chennai Rains: All 4 reservoirs get good inflow

By NT Bureau Published on Nov 08, 2017 04:50 PM IST

Chennai: The rains that lashed the city for the past one week as part of the North-East monsoon seemed to have fill up not only the streets, but also the waterbodies that Chennai and its residents are dependent on.

The four crucial reservoirs- Puzhal, Cholavaram, Chembarambakkam and Poondi- now have about 3185 million litres as against the total capacity of 11,057 million litres.

The rains, officials sources said, provided more than two TMCs of water. Sources said that the current water levels would be enough to fulfil the needs of the city for approximately six months.

Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department Minister, S P Velumani has said daily water supply to the city will be increased to 650 MLD from the current 470 MLD. The move was effective immediately.

Velumani said the city received 47.38 cm rainfall between 30 October and 7 November. 'This has increased the water levels in the five city reservoirs, which is still only 35 per cent of the total capacity,' he said. According to sources, the reservoirs will have to be at least 80 per cent of their total capacity before normal daily supply of 850 MLD is restored.

Also from today, the government plans to draw 120MLD per day from the Veeranam Lake to augment the city's water supply.

It must be remembered that during the summer season all of the lakes except Cholavaram had less than one per cent of water and Cholavaram dried up completely. This forced the government to take up drastic measures and water was taken from Porur lake, quarries and from the wells of agricultural lands.

Status of Cyclone Damrey

According to sources from weathermen, Cyclone Damrey has now weakened into a low-pressure area and has moved into the Andaman Sea. It is expected that, there will be a western disturbance next week, which might push the system away from the city. There is a possibility that the high wind shear may hamper development of the system and the rains might cease if the low-pressure turns into an intense cyclone.


Director, Area Cyclone Warning Centre, S Balachandran, said the low-pressure area over Andaman sea is expected to intensify and become more marked in the next 24 hours. IMD had predicted that rain or thundershowers is likely to occur at many places over South Tamilnadu and at a few places over North Tamilnadu and Puducherry.


Chembarambakkam - 13.16 ft

Puzhal - 9.20 ft

Poondi -  23.90ft

Cholavaram – 11ft