Chennai lad on a mission to protect environment

By Bhavani Prabhakar Published on Jul 19, 2018 04:33 PM IST

Chennai: When hordes of people from all walks of life unanimously stood together for bringing Jallikattu back, the movement had also inspired several people to think and reciprocate to the society. Among one such youngster is Sathishkumar Pichandi, an IT employee.

His conscious hit him hard when he started to think about the environment. This has led him to conserve and distribute palmyra plant species across the State.

In conversation with News Today, Sathishkumar reveals how he got on to his journey.

Since 2017 he was on a quest thinking about giving back to the society and started attending numerous social events and by chance happened to meet Bharathi Kannan, an environmental activist.

“When I was in conversation with Bharathi Kannan, I realised how generous Mother Nature is and the extent to which we exploit Her was so disheartening when the conscience hit me hard,” says the 27-year-old techie.

“The resources that we are abusing today us the greatest gift from our ancestors. Though Nature is gracious and generous in satisfying our necessities, it does not possess extraordinary assets to satisfy our greed. Flashfloods, drought and earthquakes are the perfect examples that I can cite,” adds Sathish.

A resident of Ambattur Old Town, Sathishkumar got in touch with Pavendhar Pasumai Puratchi Arakkattalai in 2017.

The not-for-profit trust works towards encouraging planting of palmyra trees. Joining hands with the organisation, Sathish sets on to areas like

Madambakkam, Padappai, Mambakkam, Kanchipuram etc., to plant palmyra during his weekend.While there are several organisations to promote green environment, Sathish is particularly headed towards advocating palmyra trees and he has strong reasons to stick to it.

“Palmyra species is one of the greatest gifts to the mankind. Almost every part of the tree can be put to use in our everyday life, beginning from roots to the milk. We keep talking about organic farming and the palmyra species are the key manure, yet we brush it off by saying it is a false claim and continue using chemicals,” explains Sathish.

In addition, the trees play a crucial role in conserving water resource. The deep roots of the tree help in filtering the salt water and brings it to the surface of the waterbody and the groundwater automatically recharged, thus keeping the ecosystem intact.

Though it has just been a year since Sathish started doing his bit to the society, he is determined to bring back the old tradition of palmyra products being in practice in everyday life.

Sathish can be reached at 88383 55398.