Chennai girl awes with her boxing skills

By Konda Somna Published on Nov 04, 2017 12:42 PM IST

Chennai: "I always get to hear this question: Why boxing? May be because, I am a girl. Well, this is the only venue, where I can beat somebody and not get into any trouble,’" grins A Pavithra, a resident of Aadhanoor, who is being trained at Railway Institute Tambaram Boxing Club, located at Railway Ground, East Tambaram.

A class 8 student of Adi Dravida Higher Secondary School, she is a national and State-level boxer and has won several medals.

"Mohammad Ali is my role model. There is a lot to learn from his tactics and follow it,’" said Pavithra, who is trained by coach P Saravanan.

In the recently held State-level championship for boxing in the under-15 category, she won a medal. She has also won several medals in 200 and 400 metres athletics.

"‘Pavithra is one of my most obedient students, who does not miss her practice like others of her age group do. And, above all, she often does it with a smile and willingness on her face. She’s an inspiration to some and a role model to many,"’ said coach Saravanan.

On how she took up boxing, her uncle S Balaji said, "‘It all started at the age of 9. She was strong enough to defend her family members and seeing it, I enrolled her to karate, which she discontinued due to lack of interest. Later, given a choice, she chose to learn boxing and also showed interest in athletics."

An average student in academics, Pavithra finds it hard to juggle between her passion and studies. Also hailing from a middle class background, it becomes a challenge at times for her to pay for the expenses and get good accessories for the sport.

Fortunately, she has been recognised and is being supported by Tamil Amudhan, who is extending all help. Pavithra is taken care of by her uncle Balaji and he can be reached at 98845 43839.