Cattle and streets do not make a couple

By S Ben Raja Published on Sep 16, 2018 03:16 PM IST

Chennai: Cattle roaming on city streets is not new, but gone are they days they ventured even into the highways. As of today, no animal can / should enter a fenced city highway like the Maduravoyal Bypass or the Outer Ring Road.

But it seems there is an exception to this rule. A neighbourhood resident alleged that hordes of cows and buffaloes are easily entering Inner Ring Road risking the lives of the people on vehicles travelling at highway speeds.

Not only that he added the cattle can often be seen taking rest on the highway and often resisting attempts taken by people to chase them.

Speaking to News Today, a resident of Vanuvampet M Guruprasad, said, "‘Even if a dog dies in a road accident, we turn out heart broken. Now imagine a cow getting killed on road. Needless to say about the risks people like us face when cattle interfere with our vehicles on the highway. Despite these aspects, cattle owners leave their animals to roam on the highway. Once instructed the hard way, they won’t let their bovines venture into these restricted place.

The resident also complained about the lack of preventive measures taken by the State Highways Department.

"‘While the Inner Ring Road is properly guarded post Adambakkam Lake, it has been left like a normal stretch at places like Vanuvampet, Nanganallur and Thillaiganga Nagar, helping cattle access the stretch. As many owners of these animals are based out of Madipakkam and Puzhudivakkam, a large number of them can be seen on Vanuvampet junction where traffic is already hectic. While motorists do put up with these incidents, there is no telling as to when an accident will happen,"’ he said.

Finally, the resident requested the civic body to place cattle trap roll bars at Vanuvampet junction so that the highway will be free of cows. He also requested the State Highways Department to fence the road.