Bus facilities in Chennai suburb need attention

By Konda Somna Published on Oct 19, 2017 11:41 AM IST

Chennai: Here is yet another issue cropping up in the Chitlapakkam area near Tambaram in the city suburb. The main road has a bus shelter that is of no use.

Soundaryamma was happy when the Chitlapakkam Kalam bus shelter was opened on Chitlapakkam Road. However, her happiness was short-lived as she was forced to stand outside the bus shelter.

When asked for the reason, the sexagenarian pointed to the authorities who hadn'’t provided the amenities that were needed.

"Commuters allege that the authorities have been negligent despite complaints. ‘The bus stop has not had seats for almost a year now. Senior citizens are affected by this as they have to stand all along till the buses arrive. Also, the place stinks,’" says Udaya, a resident of Chitlapakkam. ‘"Not even one information board can be seen here about bus routes or numbers,"’ he added.

Residents also alleged that the bus shelter is used for illegal activities at night as there are no lights. Pushpa (27) said, ‘"I take the last bus to Parry’s at night. But I always take a companion for safety till I board the bus as men can be seen consuming alcohol and gambling here.’"

"Due to the lack of a proper roof, commuters are made to wait under the scorching sun as buses often come late. The frequency of long route buses has also reduced,"’ said Sanath, a resident.

"We complained to the Executive Officer of Chitlapakkam Town Panchayat. All they did was to remove an old vehicle lying nearby,"’ he said.