Blue Whale challenge: Cops set up special cell

By NT Bureau Published on Aug 31, 2017 03:37 PM IST

Chennai: Following the death of a college student in Madurai taking part in the online game 'Blue Whale Challenge', the police has set up a special cell to address the issue.

Nineteen-year-old Vignesh had committed suicide by hanging himself inside his house on Wednesday, in order to complete the last challenge of the game. Being the first death reported in the State, the police are interrogating Vignesh's friends to get at the truth.

Vignesh's parents have said that almost 75 other students were playing the game. Vignesh pursing B Com in a private college in Thiruparankundram was residing with his parents Jeyamani and Vanitha at Kalaignar Nagar at Vilacheri in the district.

On Wednesday afternoon, Vignesh took a friend along to his house for lunch. When his parents returned, they found their son had hanged himself.

The police sent his body to Tirumangalam Government Hospital for a postmortem examination. A preliminary investigation by the police officials found that Vignesh had carved the shape of a whale on his left arm using a sharp object and written the words 'Blue Whale'  using a blue ink pen.

The police also recovered a handwritten note in Tamil that said, "Blue Whale - this is not a game but a disaster. Once you step inside, you can never leave."

The challenge, which tells players to perform 50 dangerous tasks, with the final one ending in killing oneself, had taken his life, the police said.

Mastermind held in Russia
A 17-year-old girl has been exposed as the alleged mastermind behind the Blue Whale suicide game. The teenager is accused of being behind the sick craze which has encouraged dozens of vulnerable children to take their own lives. The unnamed Russian girl, who has now been arrested, issued threats to her victims to murder them or their family members if they failed to obey orders to complete tasks she set them. The girl was arrested in the Khabarovsk Krai region in south-eastern Russia.

Ilya Sidorov, 26, who was also arrested earlier this year has been accused of inciting young girls to take their own lives.