Auto Beat: Big engines come with their own plus points

‘Gas guzzler’ is the term used for big engines that have no intention of giving any respite for environmentalists.

Many despise big engines. The fact that those engines still run on the planet makes those people sick. So, to satisfy those people who do not understand any bit of car mechanics, governments asked car-makers to reduce the engine capacity massively. They did not ask car-makers, they just increased taxes exorbitantly.

The result was smaller turbocharged engines which were heavily boosted and called more efficient than their bigger counterparts.

But here is the catch: The so-called efficient engines seldom reach their economy claims. You know why? Because they are downsized and heavily boosted.

I was reading about the Volkswagen Golf GTI the other day and the car had been given less power than its competition because VW wanted their car to be efficient. It was not downsized and heavily boosted and instead it was the correct capacity for a car of the size.

The result? While it's competitors had to stop for fuel every 500 yards, the Golf could just sail past the petrol stations with consummate ease. And that is why for the past 40 years, the Golf has been the right car to buy for millions of customers.

While I know the world loathes big engines, it somehow does not see the fact that its planet saviour electric engines need to be big for more range.

You read that right. Even school children would know that for they are well-versed with cellphones than their parents would be in their entire lifetime.

Electric cars need to have bigger batteries for more range. Now the batteries are the heart of an e-car just like IC engines in a normal vehicle.

But the government's will not oppose that for to them electric vehicles are clean. The fact that mining, treating and packaging processes to produce a battery would cause more harm than a big limousine is of no concern to them. Somehow, nowadays, it is okay to have a bigger engine, just a different one.

To them I have one question. If bigger battery packs and subsequent bigger electric motors are acceptable because the car does not have an exhaust, then what is the ruling entity planning on doing about the damage that bigger batteries can make? It is not needed that I should explain why battery packs get heavier with more capacity.

Look at it this way. Saying downsized engines are best even though they are not is like saying fried chicken is better than home-made food. You may be captivated by the taste of the newcomer but in the long run, traditional food is always best. Your mom will second me on the matter.


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