Assn in Chennai area takes green steps

By Karthikeyan Halan Published on Oct 14, 2017 11:41 AM IST

Chennai: Armed with four conservancy inspectors and their team spread across four wards (131,132, 137 and 138) covering K K Nagar and Ashok Nagar, in the city, the civic body started source segregation drive since 2 October.

Accordingly, biodegradable waste will be collected on daily basis from households and non-biodegrable waste only on Wednesdays. If things go well according to plan, the locality would soon be free of garbage.

Each ward has been allotted with a minimum of 25 tricycles operated by two persons each. "We have asked them to collect only biodegradable waste. On Wednesdays, they would collect non-biodegradable waste. They can sell them and take the money for themselves. This is a sort of bonus for them and it would encourage them to continue the process of collecting non-biodegradable waste," said a conservancy inspector at K K Nagar.

The collected biodegradable waste is dumped near the burial ground at Jafferkhanpet, where they are put into a compost area, to turn it into manure. Later, they are sold in the market, he said.

"The civic body started creating awareness among people fromĀ  September itself. We organised meetings with residents welfare associations, briefed them about source segregation and even pamphlets were distributed. Now, we have put up banners in prominent locations to catch the attention of residents," the official said.

"We arranged for a meeting with Corporation officials, where they explained the new rules. We would also keep informing our residents on source segregation and make them to follow it," said Eleventh Sector Residents Welfare Association president K S Rajendran.

However, a few sections of people feel that the new process will succeed only if there is proper coordination between civic body and residents.

"The Corporation officials informed us about source segregation and wanted us to arrange for a meeting. We fixed a date inviting all residents. But the officials did not turn up," said Sixth Sector Residents Welfare Association president M S A Razak.

He further said the conservancy workers come and collect waste only after 11 am. Till then, they are involved in cleaning the roads. "When they come after 11 am, most of the households will be locked as many go for work. It would be if better they came early. Also, civic body officials should come forward and work together with us to make the area garbage-free," he said.