Arterial stretch in Chennai area needs speedbreaker

By NT Bureau Published on Aug 03, 2018 02:39 PM IST

Chennai: Over the past three years there is an increase in the volume of the vehicles commuting through Pari Salai that links Valaiyapathy Salai and Church Road in the city at Ambattur.

Recently, the road was widened after removal of encroachments. Yet, according to motorists, it is not quite wide enough.

Mallika, an advocate residing at Pari Salai, said,”This road is important in the locality. Residents from other areas use it as well. But youngsters have made it a habit to overspeed at this stretch, leading to accidents. Pedestrians are afraid to walk the stretch. Speedsters need to be put in check because traffic here is high. The immediate solution to reduce speed of commuters is to install speed-breakers or place barricades on the road at decisive points.”

Also, residents stated that the construction of storm water drains (SWD) have narrowed the road at many a place.

“Roads have been broadened in many places but this area stays the same. Traffic snarls are frequent here. School children find it nigh-on impossible to cross the road,” she added.