Aquatic park for ornamental fish in Chennai

By V Chitralekha Published on Sep 17, 2017 11:59 AM IST

Chennai: India's first Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (ARTP) in Kolathur in the city will be opened this month.

The place will showcase ornamental fish and is expected to boost the trade that has been carried on in these parts for the last four decades.

President of Kolathur Fish Farmer Co-operative Society (KOFFCS),  N U S  Veeramaindhan and his friends, including a senior railway official, started breeding ornamental fish as a hobby 40 years ago.

Speaking to News Today, Veeramaindhan says, "We are more than happy to see this business flourish."

He adds that they used to frequent Singapore and bring back ornamental fish from there and breed them here.

"The breeding proved successful as the weather was conducive and we started selling the fishes. Some of them sold quickly as they were 'Vasthu' fishes," he explained.

Janardhanan, another member of KOFFCS says, "We need better technology and infrastructure to grow ornamental fish in our country. The opening of Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park will be a boon for those in the trade."

It is reported that Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar said they are keen on providing end-to-end solutions for ornamental fish farmers in addition to imparting technical training to them and guiding them in breeding.