Apollo Hospitals reaches a milestone

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 22, 2018 01:40 PM IST

Apollo Hospitals Group executive chairman Dr Prathap C Reddy, vice chairperson Preetha Reddy with the beneficiaries of Bone marrow Transplants and team of doctors at a press conference in Chennai on Wednesday.

Chennai:The room was filled with emotions during the celebration of Apollo Hospital's 1,000 successful Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) procedures on Wednesday.

Beneficiaries from Tanzania, Bangladesh and different parts of India came to share their experiences of getting back to life.

Apollo Hospitals Group executive chairman Dr Prathap C Reddy said,

"By maintaining lower cost for the treatment, we have been able to bring the success rate from 92 per cent to 99 per cent. India can become a global health destination because we have competence, good patient care, and can provide health care at a low cost."

He also emphasised on the need for early diagnosis and committed donors for the procedure to save lives.

At the event, Chirag Chandra who was born with Thalassemia and one of the recipient from a Bone Marrow Transplant at Apollo Hospital said, 'Every one should pledge to be a committed bone marrow donor'.

During his illness he underwent blood transfusion once in every three weeks until they found a donor match for him in Germany.

Apollo Hospitals is pioneer in India for cord blood transplant and unrelated transplant.

Several mothers with their children spoke about their life saving stories including R Manimeghalai, currently an Inspector of Police, Commercial Crime in Thiruvarur.

In 2012, when she was six months pregnant, she was diagnosed with blood cancer (Acute myeloid leukemia). Her husband Ilayarja being a farmer, the family footed the bill of Rs 90 lakh.

"My colleagues contributed their one day salary. We got the rest of the money from health insurance and others source. We also sold a plot we owned," she said.

The procedure ensured Manimeghalai is back to normal life and with a healthy baby.

Apollo Cancer Centre director (Medical Oncology) Dr Ramesh Nimmagadda said, "The hospital has performed Bone Marrow Transplant on patients as young as six weeks to 68 years."