African cuisine enters the crowded food world of Chennai

By Mariayn Jennifer Published on Jul 27, 2018 02:14 PM IST

Chennai: Chennai is host to various cuisines. We have American, Chinese, north Indian, continental, Italian and even Mexican, to name a few. Some of these are quite popular among foodies and have become hot favourites.

So, what makes so many cuisines desirable? The answer is taste and innovation.

Keeping this in mind, Galito's has come to Chennai. Launched by Tablez, the first outlet in the city was opened at Forum Mall this week.

Specialising in bold South African flavours, this casual diner will become a hot favourite for those who love chillies. Yes, the cuisine is known for its extensive use of peri-peri chillies, which is a native of South Africa.


Our menu is made using fresh, 100 per cent natural ingredients. The masalas are all done in-house. Even our bread is baked here. What goes into the food is a secret and the food will taste similar to Portuguese cuisine,' says head chef, Inderjeet Singh.

For those of you who know about this cuisine, just dig into your favourites. And for those who don't, ask the bearer for their specials.

Apart from the regular burgers and wraps and salads, Galito's has their signature dishes.

Although the menu has a long list of non-vegetarian items, there is a treat for vegetarians as well with a range of wraps, rice bowls, salads, soups and starters.

The peri chicken liver is a must try in the starters. This not-so-common dish is made with grilled chicken liver and served with large portions of garlic bread.

Though the recipe seems similar to that of south India, however, there are subtle differences.

The liver is juicy and well-cooked with liberal amounts of spices, onions and tomatoes.

Then there are their secret sauces that go into the dish. This chillie-hot dish would make you go for another mouthful.

You can choose to make the dish spicier but just inform the chef beforehand. You can also lay your own hands on different sauces that are meant to add different flavours to the dish.

This was flushed down with a tall glass of peach lemonade. They also have a long list of drinks under the category Fire Extinguishers.

Galito's is famous for its peri-peri chicken. Served in portions, the tender chicken is marinated for close to 24 hours in a fresh spice mix and signature peri-peri flavour.

This allows the marinade to penetrate to the bone. It is then flame-grilled, depending on the amount of spice required. This is served with a side dish and we were suggested the spinach and mashed potatoes. The pairing was a mix of extremes: the chicken was spicy and the spinach, milk.

The juicy chicken laced with mild hot sauce (you could also opt for a hotter version). Like the chef promised, the marinade had seeped till the bone.

"The sauces and marinades are a secret and we strictly adhere to secret formulations," claims the chef.

If those of you have a large appetite, opt for the rice bowl. Made with long grain rice and select spices, the rice bowl is a meal in itself. There is abundant pieces of chicken and vegetables in each of the options. There is also a liver and rice option, if you have the taste for it.

Malva pudding is a traditional African dessert and is a must-try here. The spongy caramelised cake is served warm with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Well, that is how you round off an African meal.