Actors should not promote smoking: Gautami

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 23, 2018 02:47 PM IST

Chennai: ‘Cancer survivors can use their experience to change the lives of others’, said actress Gautami Tadimalla during an event which brought together 150 cancer survivors treated by VS Hospitals.

‘I prefer to call ourselves winners and not survivors. The things we learnt about health, post cancer detection like the importance of exercise, the right food habits  are very important. We are careful about it.

Imagine how helpful it would be if we spread the message now using social media,’ said Gautami, who is also a cancer survivor and founder of Life Again Foundation.

Even as she pointed out the harmful effects of tobacco which is said to be  a leading cause for cancer, she asked actors to refrain themselves from acting in smoking scenes. ‘"Cinema is a powerful medium. It is not correct to promote smoking in it," she said.

At the event few survivors including a government school teacher shared their stories of detecting and overcoming cancer. They spoke about their experience of undergoing Chemotherapy and the misconceptions and reality of the life threatening illness.

Gautami stated that even as many survivor stories are being shared, the journey through the illness is not the same for everyone.

VS hospital,chairman Subramanian said,‘Over the last five decades of treating cancer patients, the survival rates have dramatically increased. With novel therapies like Immunotherapy, and targeted drugs, it is completely curable if detected at an early stage.’ He also encouraged families to invest in health insurance.

Back to basics
-Instead of broccoli, eat spinach which is a traditionally grown antioxidant

-Do not wrap food in aluminum foil

-Try to use steel containers instead of plastic wares

-Eat on time, skipping meals is unhealthy

-Reheating food and oil can be poisonous, eat fresh food

-Use coconut, mustard and gingelly oil for cooking