Accident insurance claims no more an agonising process

By Nivedhika Krishnan Published on Jul 27, 2018 01:21 PM IST

Chennai: In an attempt to modernise the State police department, a new online facility was launched recently as part of the Crimes and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS).

The facility will aid families of road accident victims to claim compensation with ease instead of undergoing lengthy procedures. It will enable victims or their immediate relatives download the case documents to claim insurance without any hassle.

A police officer said that people can access their case documents through their registered mobile number. "A majority of victims fearing time-consuming legal processes have been reluctant to file claims. But this is expected to change with the new system," he said.

A beneficiary informs that he received his compensation in less than 50 days. "This was not the case earlier. Many wait for months together, but now this scenario has changed," he divulges.

Further, insurance companies too can access the documents and contact the victims, ruling out mediators, thus averting lengthy legal process.

An awareness about the new scheme is however pertinent to maximise the benefits. "Investigation officers should not delay the filing of chargesheet for the benefit of victims. The inordinate delay in filing cases is because too many departments are involved in it," said Ramdas, an advocate.

Insurance companies earlier had to wait for the tribunal to hear and decide the compensation. The system now enables the firms to verify the facts and pay compensation to beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, as per official data, the State witnessed fewer deaths due to road accidents - 244 to be exact - in the month of January 2018 when compared to the ones in January 2017.

Also, 1,87,213 driving licences had been suspended between August 2017 and January 2018 for offences like over-speeding, over-loading, carrying passengers in goods carriages, jumping the red light, drunken driving and using mobile phones while driving.


 According to the State Crime Record Bureau, 50,000-plus road accident cases have been chargesheeted and documents have been made available online