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When official scorer slipped into coma

◊ India-Sri Lanka encounters have the record for the most bizarre records Chennai, Nov 16: The India – Sri Lanka cricket series… oh no! don’t sleep now itself. An India-Sri

When confusing Kamal was left confused

After Kamal Haasan announced his political plans on his birthday earlier this week, you’d have thought that we in media would be debating whether someone, who so far has been

When PM made common people talk about economics

The announcement of Prime Minister on the night of November 8 and the subsequent steps that the Finance Ministry and the RBI took were verily a war on that part


In the last two years, Chennai has become the undisputed world leader in slipping into panic mode in a jiffy. The moment the clouds so much as turn black, Chennai people,

A currency system so advanced that it’s not currency

All questions you did not want to ask on Bitcoin answered Chennai, Nov 2: You’d have doubtless heard about Bitcoin. At any rate, you just did. Well, it is a

Double trouble!

Reporting on the recent controversy over Mersal movie, one news site mixed up Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi. This was equivalent to mistaking Amit Shah for Bernard Shaw. To be fair, it was a North