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Best bowling strategy: Start the innings from 2nd over

* Emerging trends in IPL 2018: Pak sneaks in one of its players Chennai, Apr 19: Even with just 10 days into the IPL 2018, we have already seen plenty

Driving a buyer around

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting time for many. Having worked so hard to buy their favourite two-wheeler or car, many would enter showrooms wanting to see what’s on

Ms X and Mr Y

There was a gut-wrenching news a couple of days ago: Both the hands of a woman were fractured by her husband and in-laws in a UP village allegedly for giving

Cauvery: Fretting finale

The one thing that unites us Tamilians, irrespective of our caste, creed, colour is that these days we always seem to be in: protest mode. Right now, TN is a

Strategic timeout for snakes

* When all roads lead to MAC stadium and to police pickets Chennai, Apr 11: There was as much drama (if not more) outside the M A Chidambaram Stadium as

How to make phone battery last for long period?

As mobile phone users, we all want the battery charge to last the whole day. Unfortunately, it dips as the day wears and eventually we end up running in search