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Caara Aattacaara!

The auto expo (which ended this week at New Delhi) always sees the unveiling of many exciting cars and other vehicles, many of which we hope don’t make it to

Russian doping, curling and other scandals

* Q and A on PyeongChang Winter Olympics Chennai, Feb 16:  Sports aficionados in Chennai have always been fascinated by Winter Olympics, especially because it is a celebration of —

Share autos to Saturn

This week, scientists belonging to the private company SpaceX made a rocket carry a full-fledged car into space and let it into orbit, leading to the major finding that the

Chennai cold gets worse, winter lasts for a historical high of 214 hours

* Climate scientists warn that by year 2318 cold conditions may last even up to 45 days Chennai, Feb 9: The worsening global warming phenomenon, in which summers get longer

Cryptocurrency, starring Arvind Swami

Just when I was feeling bad about myself for not understanding anything about cryptocurrencies, came the happy realisation that I have a good company in: Arun Jaitley, the country’s Finance

Cricket update: Preity Zinta suffers toothache

* The highs and lows from the IPL auction table Chennai, Feb 1: The IPL auction saw plenty of action, which was certainly more exciting than anything that India-Sri Lanka