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  • Aramm audio is out
    Chennai: Nayanathara has completed the shoot for Aramm, which is a […]





Hindustan group to honour 50 personalities

Chennai: Fifty eminent personalities from different fields will be honoured as part of the golden jubilee celebration of Hindustan Group of Institutions here on Saturday. "It's a great honour for us to institute these awards in the name of our founder ...

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NEET: The pros, the cons, okay make it con

Chennai: When we at Crank's News (Motto: ha. ha. ha.) decided to do a satirical feature on the NEET examination this year, we checked out what were the recent developments in the issue and immediately found that we were up ...

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Kabaddi with Kamal

There is a new news-beat in Chennai journalism these days, and it is called: Chasing Kamal Haasan. We in the media are covering Kamal 24/7 and the actor cannot step out without clumsily tripping on microphones and camera tripods as an Arupathimuvar utsavam-level crowd of ...

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A meme version of Indian Constitution

* Plus: Will Rajnikanth enter politics? (Ans: We will discuss Kamal) Chennai, July 20: We don't know whether magazines in other vernacular languages have the Q and A column, the kind that Tamil magazines are well known for. If those magazines ...

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Crank's Cornerrr!

What do you think is the biggest problem now facing Tamil Nadu? a) Unstable political situation b) Declining industrial development c) Water and agrarian crisis d) Corruption in high places. Going by the amount of newsprint and airwaves expended in the ...

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Rajini, Kamal to join hands, launch political party

*A simple kit on: 'How to spot Fake News' Chennai, July 12: There is outrage everywhere over the seeming proliferation in fake news. But the fact is fake news are as old as the news industry; news reporters have been for ever making up stuff or inventing 'quotes' to ...

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