It's not a sniper, just a wiper

Chennai: The rate of ransomware infection across the world has been mounting. At the same, actors are involved in creating new ransomware variants with the combination of flaws and exploits. None can’t forget last month’s WannaCry havoc, which attacked millions and billions of online users. Similar to it, another ransomware variant called as Petya, began hacking PCs. This ransomware infected thousands of computers in Ukraine, Russia, France, India and United

Google redesigned to catch journalism market

Chennai: Google tech giant has changed its outlook in the news section to ease users access. One of the biggest news compiler used by millions, has now became attractive and has easy navigation. The new layout comprises of story boards, videos, settings and UI tab. Though, the new design is not yet released in India, it has been put to use in US. The upgrade is designed for readers to

The Chennai Angels invests in Pune-based startup

Chennai: Iradium Automobiles Pvt Ltd which runs automobile parts market place has received an investment of Rs 40 lakh from The Chennai Angels. The fresh fund investment was part of the total investment of Rs 2 crore received from Singapore-based Anthill Scale Ventures, Esvee Technologies, Inc95 Consulting and from high networking individuals,a company statement said. The Pune-based start-up has team size of 27 employees and serves car parts to

Tata trusts takes digital route for philanthropy

New Delhi: Tata Trusts, the philanthropic entity started by Tata group founders, is turning to the power of technology and innovation to carry out its charitable work looking to impact 100 million lives by 2021. Be it efforts to empower rural women, break gender barrier in access to Internet in villages or address gaps in learning levels of students of government schools, Tata Trusts is now banking on digital ecosystem

Hike rolls out payment wallet within platform

Hike messaging app rolled out an in-app electronic payments wallet recently in a bid to cash in on rising digital transactions. After demonetisation, e-payments have surged in India and wallets such as Paytm have grown rapidly. Hike’s wallet is the first such service by a messaging platform in the country and comes ahead of a possible launch of a payment facility by WhatsApp later this year and the messaging app

Older fathers have 'geekier' sons: study

London: Children of older fathers are likely to be more intelligent, focused on their interests and less concerned about fitting in the society, all characteristics typically seen in ‘geeks’, a research suggests. While previous research has shown that children of older fathers are at higher risk of some adverse outcomes, including autism and schizophrenia, the new study found that these children may also have certain advantages over their peers in

Privacy at peril for Mexican journos, lawyers

  There is no privacy any more. This is not just a statement but a fact. With the emergence of digital era, privacy has become major concern for those in the media, and law professionals. A recent report revealed by Citizen Lab Security Researchers has shocked the world. According to the report, which was out yesterday, the Mexican government had used NSO hacking tools and exploits to spy on journalists, lawyers and even

File-less ransomware spreads its tentacles

Security researchers have found a new ransomware ‘Sorebrect‘, which had breached a large number of computers in eastern countries. Researchers at Trend Micro recently found this file-less malware that could infect vulnerable computers with RANSOM_SOREBRECT.A and RANSOM_SOREBRECT.B. Found in middle-eastern countries, it is now spreading across the states of Canada, China, Croatia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and the United States. According to the researchers, the ransomware encrypts the files

Where is the ware?

What do you think about online advertisements? Are they safe? The activities we do in cyber world are paid. Especially, if you’re a regular internet user, you have to know that, you’re the one, who generate revenue to online advertising agencies and some cyber crooks. If you’re a regular reader of cyber-security news, you might have heard about the term ‘Adware’. Adware is type of malware designed by cyber criminals

New malware targets Linux, Unix-based machines

None can forget the havoc WannaCry ransomware created on Windows machines last month. Followed by this attack, researchers across the globe tried to fix and find other vulnerable flaws. A few weeks back, researchers found vulnerable SMB (short message block) flaw in Samba networking software of Linux and Unix-based machines. News Today, too, reported this fl aw (CVE-2017-7494), which could allow actors to remotely control Linux machines. Security researcher Omri

TCS partners with Intel

Chennai: Country’s largest software exporter TCS announced a tie-up with American tech major Intel to drive digital transformations for customers. “The collaboration with Intel will enable us to create market-ready solutions for digital transformations, while reducing time and cost,” TCS global head of alliances and technology unit, Raman Venkatraman, said. The partnership will seek to create a future ready reference architecture for Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, network, 5G, Artificial