Independent body can regulate fuel prices

Hovering around Rs 67 as of now, the price of petrol is being revised every day in the country. The move was justified by the government which said it will keep the price rise in check as the previous method (of regulating prices twice every month) was proving a bit too fussy. However, with no regulatory body controlling fuel prices in the country, prices are calculated as per crude oil

Getting fashionable with Game of Thrones

The new season of Game of Thrones has not got new twists to the series but has become an inspiration for fashion. So now is the season to dress like your faviourite character from the much talked about series. Here’s what you do. Ditch your jeans and T-shirts. Look for gauzy, goddess-like gowns, heavy capes and anything with claws or fur. When you get dressed, you either win or die. These outfits have been some of

Chit over chaat

Chennai: Cream Centre has brought out some traditional varieties of lip smacking chaat, straight from the streets of Delhi. The exciting options on offer are the ever popular dishes like pani puri , bhalla papdi chaat, lachha tokri chaat, gulla chaat, dahiwala golgappa, aaloo tikki chaat, chatpata aaloo, patila mutter kulcha, chatpata paneer and paneer masala tikki. Chaat has become part of the street food culture in Chennai. Roadside chaat shops have mushroomed at every area.

Styling tips for brides-to-be to get the awe look

Chennai: Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. Right from the make-up to the dress to the hair do, everything needs to be perfect. So what is the trick to get it right. Mithra, city’s bridal make-up artist opens up on some of the do and don’ts in hair styling. for the bride to be. She says, “There is a general misconception that hairstyle are meant only for long

Outlet in Anna Nagar serves best sundaes

  Chennai: One thing which makes everyone drool is ice-cream. It is the dish which brings joy to people by just looking at it. One place in Anna Nagar which is been serving ice cream for the past 15 years is Lips. Located next to Anna Nagar roundtana, this small joint serves everything needed for a perfect sundae. Most of the ice creams are served with vanilla based with numerous

Industry in process of getting drivers out of cars

  In the 1980s, the world suddenly decided that humans make too many errors and computers are better in calculating, storing and saving data because every once in a while, people somehow ate the papers off. Soon, every office, institution and store replaced human brains with green chips that would make a mistake only once in a 100,000 million times. Nearly every single field has taken it into their minds

Coffee: Slurp to get better flavour

Chennai: Coffee, cafe, Cappuccino whatever you call it, is the hot beverage that brings joy and calmness to people across the city who like it. It is the most loved drink for people in the Southern part of our country. News Today went into the training center of Lavazza in city, a premium coffee brand that is trying to make way into home segment. Head trainer of Lavazza coffee training centre, Abdul Shahid Khan

Kaftan, floral boots trend this season

Chennai: Trends keep changing often. The best part about it is that things have a way of coming back after a few seasons. Although summer has bid good-bye the humidity is here to stay. Here are a few tips to beat the heat in a stylish way. Cotton & silk- blend Kaftan Kaftan are robe like dresses which has been worn by several cultures around the world for thousands of

'Automatic headlight on' feature commendable

Chennai: One of the greatest amendments of this year with respect to two-wheelers is the implementation of ‘Automatic Headlight On’ (AHO) feature which came into effect this April. Brought along with BS-IV emission norms, this rule has begun a new era in the history of the Indian automobile industry. Now, every bike / scooter sold in India no longer has an independent switch to turn on / off the headlight.

Watering hole in MRC Nagar offers good food

Chennai: There is a new watering hole in town which has got many of the city’s party animals hooked. Radio Room, in MRC Nagar is the new hangout spot for socialites. It is place where people come to sip their favourite drinks and eat the pub food. A prime spot for celebrities, it is hard to get a seat during weekends. As you enter, you are greeted by rows of

Are men weak in choosing colours?

Chennai: With summer almost nearing its end, fashion designer John Tyson talks to News Today, about men’s fashion in terms of attire, gadgets, colour of the season and how far men are good in choosing the right fashion trend for themselves. Q: What is the color of this season? A: Unlike women, men choose color irrespective of the season. But mostly they prefer a light shade with manly tone. On