Good start

The New Year has started with promise. India’s largest bank, the SBI, has slashed the base lending rate by 30 basis points that would not only benefit its existing customers but also prompt other banks to follow its lead. It will stimulate demand for housing loans and bolster steel and cement industries, which have significantly pushed up India’s core sector performance. It seems that the worst — that started with

Unwelcome move

Educated, talented immigrants were largely welcome in the US, till now. Indeed, it could well be argued that it was such immigrants who contributed to the edge that the US has in the field of technological excellence and even in military equipment. Recently, the rise in protectionist tendencies and right-wing politics has led to an environment that is increasingly hostile to potential immigrants. Once President Trump loudly trumpeted his objections

Fairytale win

For the second successive season, Ranji Trophy has thrown a new, first-time winner. After Gujarat in 2016-17, it is Vidarbha, who are the new Ranji Trophy champions. They defied all odds to make a dream beginning to the New Year, winning their maiden Ranji Trophy title. It was verily a fairytale win, as the only noted names in the side was of former India opener Wasim Jaffer, who now has most

Pak called out

India could not have asked for a better start on the New Year day on the foreign affairs front. US President Donald Trump yesterday accused Pakistan of 15 years of lies and deceit and ripped past US administrations for working with its government. ‘The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies

Rajini debuts

NT Rama Rao plunged into politics to create history. His political announcement was immediately followed by a campaign tour. On the contrary, stars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have been merely giving indications of their possible political arangetram. Rajinikanth seems to be more indeterminate. Rajinikanth who finally hinted at joining politics yesterday, still gives the feeling that he is just testing the waters. The era of stalwarts in Tamil politics is over.

Tread with caution

There can be little doubt that an obnoxious practice as repeating the word ‘talaq’ thrice even by such means as a telephonic conversation, e-mail or SMS actually leading to divorce being outlawed is fair only. It was therefore small wonder that the Supreme Court, by a majority judgement last August found ‘talaq-e-biddat’ or instant triple talaq unconstitutional and banned it. The BJP has brought a Bill for the same. The

Net loss

The US views itself as a bastion of freedom, as does the Internet. Indeed, so much of the Internet infrastructure and development is based in the US that it is easy to think of the information superhighway as American, even though it is not. The US Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) repeal of the Net neutrality regulations, put in place by the Obama administration in 2015, is a blow to the concept of treating all Internet

Pak’s drama

The ugly charade that Pakistan staged to orchestrate a false narrative that it had allowed the mother and wife of Kulbhushan Jadhav only exposed its lack of manners in conducting international affairs. Let us not delude ourselves that Pakistan was motivated by any humanitarian concerns in agreeing to allow Jadhav’s mother and wife to meet him. The ploy was meant to notionally counter the Indian charge that Pakistan had failed to fulfil even the minimum

Rules for road

Vehicular discipline is severely lacking in India, and statistics collected by the police show a horrifyingly high number of deaths in road accidents each year. The government’s push for the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2017, which has wide-ranging reforms along with stringent penalties, is welcome, as it tightens various provisions intended to penalise traffic violators. The proposal, by a parliamentary panel for a 10 per cent per annum increase in fine for traffic violations, has merit.

TN keeps all guessing

The post-Jayalalithaa AIADMK government is set to face further tremors after its candidate,  Madhusudhanan, has been spurned by the voters in the R K Nagar constituency. The shock is all the greater because the winner is not the arch-opposition DMK but T T V Dhinakaran, the controversial nephew of Sasikala, the long-term companion of Jayalaithaa. Convicted under the anti-corruption law, Sasikala is now lodged in a Bengaluru prison. Dhinakaran who has

Lalu red-carded again

The eternally-controversial Lalu Prasad will be out of sight for some time, having earned his second conviction out of six cases against him in the Bihar fodder scam of the mid-’90s. For Lalu, the Birsa Munda Jail in Ranchi is familiar turf — this will be his third stint. The civil society may squirm over his recurring infractions of the law, chiefly because none of his jail yatras were in the cause of social justice